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I'm a compassionate, Free Thinking, Independent, Fiscally Responsible, Socially Responsive, Renaissance Republican

I Will Tax Less and Do More.

"We don't need another overreaching Mandate for Big Brother Government to over Regulate”.     702.608.8725


At the steps of Air Force One

As Governor, I will:

Establish irreproachable Public Safety Services;

Develop and efficiently maintain our Public Infrastructure;

Enrich the Aging and Disability Services Division to ensure the health and well being of our Senior Citizens; 

Provide a superior Public School Education for each and every individual child; 

Through public initiatives, private initiatives and comprehensive tax reform, stimulate Nevada's economy to foster Full Employment; 

Maximize Public-Private Partnerships to eradicate Homelessness, Poverty, and Despair;

Empower people through Voter Registration, Voter Education and Voter Mobilization;

Oppose Voter Suppression efforts and protect the right to vote;

Lobby Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform;

Diversify our economy;

Create a Nevada Business First public-private Initiative;

Make Nevada the world center for Technology Development;

Fight to ensure that no child goes to bed homeless or hungry;

Program the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation to train and retrain adults;

Restore full funding to the Nevada Offices of Veterans and Adult Mental Health Services;

Update and improve Nevada’s Water acquisition agreements;

Retool Nevada’s water conservation and water reclamation efforts;

Explore the feasibility of desalination agriculture.

Transition Nevada from a “Debt to Fund Services” Revenue and Expenditure System to a “Pay As You Go” Revenue and Expenditure System.