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If elected Governor in 2022, I will inherit the 2023-2025 Biennium proposed by the Governor’s Finance Office, as passed by the state Legislature, and maximize the effect of that budget. 

Similar to the 2021-2023 Biennium budget, the most recently proposed Biennium budget indicates the majority of state revenue will be derived from Federal Funds and the General Fund. The Highway fund is the third largest individual revenue source. The remainder of the State’s budget comes from Fines, Fees, Assessments, Licenses, and other miscellaneous sources.

I caution that, given the uncertainty of the Pandemic's resurgence, and the effect of possible Covid 19 variations, we have to avoid using projections relative to Sales and Use taxes, fines, fees, and assessments to balance Nevada's State budget. 

This caution should not cause panic, as anytime there is a reduction in demand for the goods and services that would be taxed, there is a concomitant reduction in governmental supportive services. Thus, the revenue expenditure requirement will be roughly proportionate to the loss of those uncertain revenue sources.