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Chicago Area Economic Development

As Governor, I will work with the Federal Government to eliminate the existing Chicago Food Deserts, to develop Grocery Stores and Jobs.

Preface: Program Synopsis

This initiative entitled, Grocers Community Owned and Operated-is a Public-Private Partnership developed and presented by the Walls For Mayor Campaign, This Government Funded and Community Driven project will take four years to complete. It shall result in the creation of 20 Big Box Grocery stores, 60 mid-sized Neighborhood Markets, an estimated 5,000 Construction jobs, 20,000 permanent Grocery Store Industry jobs, and 25,000 residual, self-perpetuating, private sector jobs.

Our goal is to bring relief to Chicago’s underserved communities. Specifically, we endeavor to significantly reduce Chicago’s comparatively high unemployment level and help eradicate the Food Deserts which persist and debilitate 27 of Chicago’s 77 Communities.

Developmental Cost
The average cost of development and completion will be Fifteen Million Dollars ($15,000,000) for the Big Box Grocery stores and Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000) for the mid sized Neighborhood Markets. The total program cost, including the purchase and preparation of the real estate, infrastructure development, building costs, and the purchase of equipment and goods, will be Six Hundred Million Dollars ($600,000,000).

Funding Source
Grocers Conscientiously Owned and Operated will be funded using money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture which has made $31.5 million in grants available to programs nationwide in an effort to connect low-income populations fresh food options through incentive strategies. Additionally, we would tap into the Food Delivery options and make certain they hire people from the communities being served.

This Chicago initiative will foster: Balanced Economic Development throughout all communities; Increased Employment opportunities; Outlets for products, goods, and services provided by local entrepreneurs indigenous to the communities of concentration; and Increased Incremental Equalized Assessed values in the affected TIF Districts.

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