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As governor, I will work with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, unions, Administrators, special interest groups, and other responsible organizations to provide a superior Public School Education for each and every individual child. That transcends the development of modern buildings with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, which may be conducive to a safe and productive educational environment. 

We have to make certain that students are taught Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. However, we must also provide classes that teach the arts, humanities, civics, business principles, and finance. Students must have access to extracurricular and intramural activities, including academic and sports.

I will propose and promote a transparent Education Funding Formula that enables curriculum policies designed to improve the educational experience for all students, parents, teachers, and administrators, irrespective of their individual goals, challenges, or unique special needs.

Under the direction of the current administration, Nevada Schools have begun to distance themselves from ESL, Socially and Attitudinally challenged at risk students. We will change that. We want students and parents to feel comfortable speaking English in their homes. 

Charter schools, and other diabolical innovations have begun to result in the isolation of underperforming students. As Charter schools drain the state’s educational resources the public school children are left behind. 

I will change that dynamic.

No child should have to pass by a highly accredited, publicly funded, selective enrollment school to start their school day at an underperforming school. 

On its face, the concept that Nevada benefits when we allow well-to-do parents to choose which selective enrollment schools to send their children to, is a fiction without merit. Therefore, advocates for selective enrollment schools should be made to demonstrate a compelling reason for the use of public funds to support those schools.

Historically, those schools have been beneficial and accessible, primarily, to students with active parents, who are involved in their education process.  Meanwhile, the wards of the state and the children who have no parents have no one to advocate to make certain they have equal educational opportunity.

My administration would allow Charter schools to offer “naming rights” to corporate and individual donors. Those funds would replace funds that ordinarily would come from the state’s Education fund. Thus more money would be available to fulfill the needs of our open enrollment public schools.  

We have to eradicate the obsolete “one size fits all” educational concept.

Walls For Governor Education Policy Initiative: Provide “Educational Intensive Care.” We must implement policies, practices, and procedures designed to ensure Nevada students have at least an 80% chance of completing their education, Pre-K through 12th grade.

Educational Intensive Care allows you to effectively target resources. eradicate the obsolete “one size fits all” educational concept.

Walls For Governor Educational Methodology: Bring everyone together, including the Board of Education, Public, and Charter School Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Nevada Teachers Union, Local Elected School Council, Educational Community Activists, Parents, Students, Business and Community Partners.