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How does J.B. Pritzker expect voters to trust him?

“temporary” state income tax rate increase? Hasn’t Illinois been down the “temporary” road before? J.B. Pritzker is trying to position his tax plan as some sort of favor to the citizens of Illinois. How about no state income tax?

In his quest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Pritzker appeared oblivious to the financial toilet Illinois is in. Toyota/Mazda negated building in Illinois because of the financial instability here. Likewise Boeing, headquartered in Chicago, chose to build a manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Pritzker proposes more taxes, yet he has demonstrated his ability to skirt them, as when he removed toilets from a mansion he owns, declaring it uninhabitable, to avoid paying higher property taxes. He has hidden assets offshore to avoid taxes.

Being a true Chicago politician, he too believes that the solution to each and every problem is yet more taxes. And he wants us to trust him?

— Joseph A. Murzanski, Palos Heights