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Nevada Businesses First

Sixty Five percent (65%) of new Nevada jobs are created by small to medium sized businesses. Those emerging businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. 

There are four basic business pillars. Businesses are either (1) Producers - engaged in Farming, Fishing, Mining or Manufacturing;  (2) Distributors - including, Information Reporters, Domestic Transporters, Importers, and Exporters; (3) Vendors involved in Wholesale, Retail, or Real Estate Sales; or (4) Lenders of Finance, Services, or Property. 

Nevada's casinos, mining companies, and other massive, major industry companies regularly outsource from all four business pillars. We want homegrown Nevada based businesses to have the advantage when they do. 

Our emerging businesses should not have to compete, on equal footing with outsiders, to do business with our own beloved companies that we helped to make it big.

To provide Nevada businesses an advantage, I will establish a Nevada Business First Public-Private initiative.

Under that umbrella, casinos, mining companies, and other Private businesses, in expansive industries, will commit to purchase goods and services from small to medium sized Nevada based businesses.

In exchange, state and local governments would facilitate strategic partnerships, expedite inspections and licenses, develop infrastructure, provide credits and incentives, and prioritize other requests, as well as help to coordinate B-2B logistics. 

This Nevada Business First Public-Private initiative would enable our homegrown, emerging producers, distributors, vendors, and lenders to expand their operations, and increasingly compete in the national and global marketplace.

Eventually, those capable Nevada based companies will grow beyond simply accommodating the needs of Nevada's casinos, mines and auto manufacturers. Soon they would be able to successfully compete in the national and global marketplace.

As they place their products, goods and services into the National and International stream of commerce, these Nevada based businesses will create jobs and other ancillary opportunities for Nevadans.

When those emerging Nevada businesses create jobs, Nevada workers will have money to spend. When workers do spend that money the State of Nevada will realize increased tax revenues.