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I support the complete funding of our Police and other safety services.

Generally Speaking, Nevada policing should be community oriented, proactive, and effective.

Nevada residents should feel safe - morning, noon and night - at home, at work, on our highways and byways.

All Public safety personnel, including officers, administrators, clerks, and operators should comport themselves with excellence at all times and recognize that customer service is an uncompromising moral imperative.

Police often encounter disconnected youth and young adults, plagued by low self esteem. Some are unwilling or unable to satisfactorily respond to common police questions, such as, "Where are you coming from?" and "Where are you going?"

In our society, parents often have "the talk" with their children about how to act and react during police encounters. However, many children do not have parents. Some have parents who do not have the capacity or opportunity to deliver that potentially life-saving message.

Therefore, all students should be taught their rights and given instructions on how to best respond to law enforcement officers when approached.  

Police training should more acutely emphasize the importance of serving and protecting.

Nevada Police Policies, Equipment, and Training: We will institute a complete review of all Nevada Police Department policies, practices, and procedures; make certain each department has state of the art equipment; Ensure that all training is compliant with all state and federally mandated norms.

Police officers will be outfitted with Body Cams that will be synchronized with Dashboard cams. Thus, Body Cams would automatically activate the moment an officer exits the police car. Once activated, an officer would not have the ability to disengage that body cam, audio or video. It would remain active until the arresting officer calls in to report the conclusion of the encounter, or until the arresting officer arrives at the station.

We want to ensure our highly trained and valued police officers are on duty, for the maximum time, throughout their shift, as well as reduce police overtime. Therefore, when police arrive at the station either upon surrendering an arrestee for processing, or at the end of their shift, certified, well-trained clerks will review the body cam footage of the arresting officer, in conjunction with the dashboard camera footage. A team of clerks will document and chronicle all other footage, available from all other officers and police cars involved in that police encounter and/or arrest.

All involved officer(s) will be afforded an opportunity to sign off on the clerk generated police reports, or request amendments. Upon completion of that process, the final report will be certified and submitted as the official record of that particular police encounter. 

All body cam and dashboard cam footage will remain available as evidence, accessible only by authorized personnel.

Deployment: We will better deploy our police manpower to ensure officers are patrolling troubled areas and are available to readily respond in case of an emergency.

The "Officer Friendly" program will be incorporated into our efforts to improve relations between officers and the Nevadan residents and visitors they serve.

These and other measures are needed to develop much needed mutual respect between police and communities.