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Technology Development

The key to diversification of Nevada's economy rests on our ability to develop a bedrock industry that, for years to come, will ensure the viability of a myriad of businesses, all of which will remain necessary within the emerging global economy. Technology is that industry.

Therefore, I would focus on making Nevada the world center for Technology Development.

In the near future, and beyond, the employment of new and exciting technology will advance exponentially. Thus, having the advantage of first access to the newest, greatest, state-of-the-art technology, well ahead of all others, would put Nevada in a position to achieve greater Nevada business sector diversity. 

Utilizing advanced technology, we can grow, develop, and attract businesses that are not casino, mining, or auto manufacturing related. Yet, to keep those businesses viable, we must keep them stocked with home-grown talent. Thus, without fail, we must improve our educational system.

We must improve outcomes at the K-12 education level, among our institutions of higher learning, and through the Department of Education, Training, and Rehabilitation. We must also improve our graduation rates and do more to enable first generation Nevadans, parents and children, for whom English is a Second Language, to adapt, learn, and speak English in their homes.