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Tiny Home Communities

We have to end Homeless. Therefore, I propose the development of Tiny Home Communities throughout Nevada. These sustainable tiny homes would serve as a bridge to some, and a permanent resident for others. 

Without surrendering any autonomy, or offering contributors any controlling authority or involvement in Tiny Home development, administration, or the tenant application, enrollment, or selection process, I suggest we provide opportunities for local and national businesses and organizations to place their name on on various segments and aspects of Tiny Homes communities, from the overall community, to the streets and parks located therein, etc..

These so-called "Naming Rights" communities, situated strategically throughout the state, would allow for the development of modern, state of the art tiny housing structures. These communities would provide additional safety and stability. They would ensure the greater productivity, and societal participation of our burgeoning homeless population.

The Naming Rights funds would provide branding and marketing opportunities like those afforded companies that place their names on skyscrapers, stadiums, or associate themselves with sports tournaments, all around the world.

The acquired Naming Rights Revenue would not be integrated into any aspect of the current Human Services budget.