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Walls-Tobin Petition For Download

Petition Circulator Requirements and  Instructions:

Download this petition and Print on Legal Size Paper only.

Office Depot, Office Max, Fed Ex Kinkos, Staples, and UPS Stores charge about .14 cents for printing.

Any individual who is 17 years of age, will be 18 years of age on or before November 6, 2018, and is otherwise qualified to vote shall be deemed eligible to circulate a nominating petition or petition proposing a public question.

Any person registered to vote in Illinois may sign and then print their own name and address on our petition.

When the circulator has finished with the petition sheet, even if there is only one signature on it, the circulator (not the signers) must appear before a Notary Public to have that sheet notarized.

The circulator who personally witnessed all signatures given must sign the required circulator’s statement stating that all signatures were taken in his or her presence.

No one may be considered a circulator of any petition page except the person who signs the circulator’s statement.

As soon as you are done mail the notarized petition to:

47 West Polk Street, Suite 152, Chicago, IL 60605.

Or you may send an email to Together we will determine the best method of retrieving the original notarized petition from you.

Remember: Download this petition and Print on Legal Size Paper only. 

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance and participation.